Rotary Milking Sheds


Rotary milking sheds consist of a turntable with about 12 to 100 individual stalls for cows around the outer edge.
A "good" rotary will be operated with 24–32 (48–50+) stalls by one (two) milkers. The turntable is turned by an electric-motor drive at a rate that one turn is the time for a cow to be milked completely. As an empty stall passes the entrance a cow steps on, facing the centre and rotates with the turntable. The next cow moves into the next vacant stall and so on. The operator or milker, cleans the teats, attaches the cups and does any other feeding or whatever husbanding operations that are necessary. Cows are milked as the platform rotates. The milker or an automatic device, removes the milking machine cups and the cow backs out and leaves at an exit just before the entrance. The rotary system is capable of milking very large herds—over a thousand cows.

Benefits of a Rotary Milking Shed System:
* The ability to milk large scale herds
* Increased time efficiency
* Less labour intensive

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