Herringbone Milking Sheds


In herringbone milking sheds, cows enter in single file and line up almost perpendicular to the central aisle of the milking parlour on both sides of a central pit in which the milker works.

After washing the udder and teats the cups of the milking machine are applied to the cows, from the rear of their hind legs, on both sides of the working area.

Large herringbone sheds can milk up to 600 cows efficiently with two people.

Benefits of a Herringbone Milking Shed System:
* Cow flow is increased - from the race to the herringbone
* Easy access to the cows for attachment of cups, for artificial breeding technicians
* Pipes and hoses come down from the ceiling; resulting in less clean up and optimum health and safety

Giles would welcome the opportunity to call out to your farm to sight your current dairy shed and to talk with you about your needs for the future of your dairy farm.

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