The team at FBR building understand the needs of the dairy farmer. They also understand the needs of the herd.
FBR Building will provide you with a custom built dairy shed; whether it be a Herringbone dairy parlour or a Rotary dairy palour - their focus is on increasing the efficiency of your new dairy shed and ultimately improving the productivity of your herd.

With each and every dairy shed build that they touch; they carefully consider these factors:
* How can we decrease any stress factors on the herd?
* How can we maximise on the space available?
* How can we make it easier for you to maintain and protect your investment?

As with everything - communication is key.
The team at FBR Building will never turn up on your farm with a "one size fits all" approach.
They take the time to discuss your requirements, to listen to your needs; in a move to pinpoint any areas where they can offer suitable, cost effective solutions for improved work-flow and better results from your shed performance and herd productivity.

Giles would welcome the opportunity to call out to your farm to sight your current dairy shed and to talk with you about your needs for the future of your dairy farm.

Call Giles Bayley 021 227 1984