Calf Sheds


Protecting and nurturing your calves is a vital aspect of your farming operation.

At FBR Building, they understand this and can provide you with sturdy, innovative, healthier calf rearing shed options that are robust and built to stand up to inclement weather conditions as well as boisterous calves!

Providing reinforced, pole sheds with the added health benefit of Yorkshire Boarding - which provides good airflow through the calf shed - fresh air being a primary requirement for maximising health and productivity.
Free flowing air facilitates the removal of heat, moisture, dusts, gases and micro-organisms from the building.

A crucial design factor for any new livestock farm building is to deliver, fresh air to as many areas of the shed as possible and to do so without exposing stock to excessive wind speed.

Further benefits of an FBR Building calf rearing shed are:

* Rust free galavanised steel cladding
* Reduction of condensation and moisture through design
* Sturdy construction means your calf shed can stand up to the odd knock from your farm machinery

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